Hunger and Fullness Doesn't Have to Be Complicated - Learn How to Honor Your Body and Fuel it Appropriately

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  • Are you so out of tune with hunger and your body that you don't know what hunger feels like?

  • Do you eat on a regular, consistent schedule or do you feel chaotic when eating?

  • Do you fear hunger, or not understand the different types of hunger your body may be experiencing?

  • Do you go from feeling extra hungry to overly full? Is there no in between?

  • Do you lack structure in your eating?

This resource is for you!

A 60+ page workbook with tips, prompts and activities to help you relearn and honor your innate hunger and fullness.

What's included:

  • A 60 Page workbook with tips and handouts I use in 1-1 sessions with clients

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Fill in the Blank Printables

  • A List of Snacks To Quench Hunger

  • A General Schedule for Eating to Learn to Honor Your Hunger

  • Tips for Identifying Emotional Eating

  • Tips for Apply Eating Schedules and Intuition to Your Practical Life

and more!


  • You want to fuel adequately and you want to learn how to eat intuitively, rather than follow a strict diet. You know that strict diets won't help your performance and they are so hard to follow. 

  • Do you struggle with eating enough to support your athletic performance? Are you unsure what and when you should be eating before a workout or run, and how much? Is poor recovery impacting your performance the next day? Are you confused with how much you should actually be eating for your workout?The Runner's Guide to Intuitive Eating will teach you all of this!

  • You'll start with getting a basic foundation of sports nutrition, learning about the macronutrients and how each fuels performance, how many carbohydrates you need, what to eat before and after a workout, how to hydrate properly, how to handle GI issues and more.

  • Then, you'll dive into each of the 10 principles of intuitive eating, learning how to apply them to running or your sport.

  • Lastly, you'll see some recipes that are perfect for pre workout and post workout, as well as nourishing snacks to help recovery. Each of these recipes will explain why they can help performance and recovery.

  • This sells for $49.99 but you can add it for just $29.99!

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Hunger and Fullness Doesn't Have to Be Complicated - Learn How to Honor Your Body and Fuel it Appropriately

1 rating
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