Optimize your running without dieting. Learn about how to eat properly for your training.

Do you control calories by restricting food or exercising it off? It can be a vicious cycle that messes with you physically, mentally and emotionally. Undereating makes you tired, sluggish and hyper-focused on food.

Overexercise damages your body and makes it harder to recover. This ebook will help you work towards finding balance between eating for your needs, feeling great and reaching the health goals you set.

This ebook goes through each principle of intuitive eating and how it applies to the athlete setting for food and performance. It also includes pertinent pre/post workout recipes and snack ideas.

What You'll Get:

  • A 100 page book with tips about sports nutrition, performance and more from a flexible, intuitive eating standpoint

  • An understanding of nutrition for running to improve your performance

  • A breakdown of pre and post-workout snack ideas

  • An idea of the proper amount of carbohydrates for exercise

  • Tips for handling GI distress on long runs

  • A comparison of the top gels/chews/sports products on the market and how to take them

  • An overview of each of the 10 principles of intuitive eating

  • The Hunger Scale for Athletes

  • 15 Recipes including recipes for pre-workout, post-workout and snacks


Upgrade to the Ultimate Intuitive Eating Bundle (over $100s in value)

ALSO INCLUDED: A 60+ page workbook with tips, prompts and activities to help you relearn and honor your innate hunger and fullness, including

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Fill in the Blank Printables

  • A List of Snacks To Quench Hunger

  • A General Schedule for Eating to Learn to Honor Your Hunger

  • Tips for Identifying Emotional Eating

  • Tips for Apply Eating Schedules and Intuition to Your Practical Life

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Optimize your running without dieting. Learn about how to eat properly for your training.

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